The latest technology in air conditioning

ducted air conditioningHeating and cooling electronic systems have become very essential in one’s life. They help you to live comfortably even during extreme weather conditions such as chilling cold and scorching heat. In winter, a heating system provides you warmth. Similarly, in summer, cooling system saves you from bearing the intolerable heat. Air Fusion in Australia is well known for having a showroom with a wide range of heating and ducted air conditioning products. All these latest technology products will help to make your house a perfect living space. They have a high experience of more than 30 years. Air Fusion is the leading company in system design in Australia.

Ducted system

A reverse cycle ducted system runs similarly as the multi split. A condenser is fitted outside any building which is connected to an indoor unit. This condenser is installed either under a ceiling, under a floor or in the roof. Air is sent by the condenser and the flexible duct cools or heats the air. Two or more places can be controlled at a time because of the unique design of the ducted system. More money can be saved on energy costs because you can control the air conditioning systems of the living area and bedroom during the daytime and at night respectively.

Ducted air conditioning zone controls

  • MyAir

It is a management system of excellent air conditioning. It consists of a control screen, 10 zones and an individual room airflow control. A control screen can be doubled up like a tablet.

  • Standard zone 1-6

Your energy bill can be stopped from blowing out by Zone 6. It consists of 2 more zones than an ordinary air conditioning system. It does not contain any wasteful dump zone. In an ordinary standard system, air pressure build up and damaging the ductwork can be prevented only when a selection constant is opened all the time. Up to 25% of a home can be made by you for cooling and heating it without considering its actual usage. The permanent selection constant is dumped by Zone 6. Conditioned air and energy are saved from being wasted by Zone 6 and if required you can also open a preselected electronic selection constant.


Your iPad or iPhone can be turned into a remote control gadget. Your air conditioning system can be controlled by your Apple devices by using the Wi-Fi at your home. Apple products use an optional extra to your MyAir Zone Control system to operate your air conditioning system. You can use your iPod, iPhone or iPad as an extra remote control for your system with the help of this function. Airflow can be adjusted and a zone can be turned off by you from any place only by using your electronic gadgets. Exact air regulator, Purtech Return Air Grille and R1.5 Flexible Duct are some of the components of superior ducted air conditioning system.

You can visit the showroom of Air Fusion 6 days a week to experience its extensive range of cooling and heating products.