The best polished concrete flooring with mirror-like finish

polished-concrete-floorPractically, in every part of the world, polished concrete is the favourite choice of flooring. With environment friendly, versatile, durable and beautiful features polished concrete is used for practically every institutional, commercial, industrial or residential application. For concrete floors that are irregular and hence not able to be polished, concrete overlays is another available choice. Moreover, the surfaces can also become slippery in outdoor surroundings with ice and snow.

There are a variety of aggregate exposure choices with different intensity of shine, for instance matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Even though the finest concrete has defects in the appearance of discoloration, holes, cracks and various other imperfections, a few of these defects can be fixed while refurbishing concrete; the repairs are noticeable and become unappealing. However, with concrete overlays installed instead, a more reliable concrete floor appearance is made available.

The types of polished concrete flooring are:

Cream Polish – A cream polish offers the most likely reliable and smoothest shine from matte to a high-gloss finish. Even different quantities of aggregate exposure from a cream like look with no exposure to a complete aggregate finish.

Salt and Pepper Polish – The most achievable appearance in all probability is the salt and pepper finish. It holds a crisp glow since it accepts stains and colours rather well. However, in the finished floor it might depict small holes and cracks with visibility.

Aggregate Polish – Due to the concerned expense, this is the least purposeful. It has a very desirable finish, and has an appropriate place when accurately done.

Depending on the condition of the concrete floors there could be restrictions. For instance, a cream polish finish might not be achieved if coating or glue is required to be removed from the floor. The explanation is that while removing the glue or coating off from the surface, the cream will also be removed from the floor as well. For best expectations, it’s better to consider the issue well in advance.

However, there is a difference between a true mechanical polished look and a chemical polished finish. Quality is the difference. Mechanical polishing concrete has more procedures, but results in a much natural looking cleaner floor with improved resistance to slipping and better wear features. Alternatively, a concrete floor is ground and coated with urethane or a clear epoxy that provides the look of a polished concrete floor. However, these coatings attract moisture and there will be problems. Moreover, since the gloss like look is only temporary, it dulls and wears out quicker.

The creative choices and colour options with coloured concrete are mind boggling. The perfect finish is possible to be realized. Coloured concrete is able to alter a patio or room from simple to stunning. Staining concrete is a beautiful design preference and is even reasonably priced. It’s compatible with existing and new concrete as well. Concrete can be transformed into fine art with the appropriate techniques, products and a creative worker.

When finished accurately with a breathable sealer, polished concrete needs less maintenance too!