Retirement Wealth Talk Radio: An Excellent Retirement Plan

Retirement Wealth Retirement Wealth Talk Radio was an effort created to educate people who are opting to invest their retirement benefits with some contractors who console you for not to worry for their investments but most of the time people do not get what they have been promised by the contractors because f the mistakes committed by retired persons. The contractors disappear with their retirement benefits and people suffer for their wrong decisions. This is what John Labunski, the Host and Founder of Retirement Wealth Talk Radio Network, is spreading through his Mission Statement.

Labunski further explains that the brokers, who are aware of your needs and safety measures needed by you, remain ready to grab your retirement benefits. They put several enticing business plans before the retired or retiring people to invest their retirement benefits earned after working for 30 to 40 years which have 90-99% risk of loosing your money. They inspire you to take the whole risk with your money because they are being paid for that. In this way brokers win the game on the cost of retired persons.

The aim of Labunski’s Mission Statement is not to risk the retirement through such fake investments as usually retirement benefits are the real assets for the retiring people. John Labunski, the founder and owner of Retirement Wealth Talk Radio, is the person whose invaluable advices are relied upon by thousands of listeners. His company is dedicatedly involved in making the plans for retired Americans. The retirement plan created by Retirement Wealth Talk Radio has presented a 3 phase retirement plan to secure the retirement assets of the retiring or retired people.

First of these three phases is the Growth phase where according to John Labunski people should build their retirement nest egg by investing in IRA’s, 401k’s, Roth IRA’s, etc. to protect the future of their family in case of any untoward condition. According to this plan growth phase should start 10 years in advance before the retirement time. one should start moving his assets to the safe income strategies as soon as he gets into the transition zone of retirement.

In the second phase Labunski details the income phase on your retirement. Till now all your assets would have become your retirement assets and the growth on them will be your income. The risk to your retirement assets has till now been replaced with the protection and security for you and your family, if you have taken right steps to develop a heritage.
The third and final step of Labunski’s retirement plan is the transfer phase. A new transition phase starts in the hard days of your retirement when you won all the struggles and enjoyed all the incentives of your life. Now you can invest the assets that are spare for you and which you do not need to invest in the income producing investments, can be invested in cost effective and tax friendly plans to generate a heritage to be transitioned to your heirs.