Majestic Paradise on Earth

luxurious resortAt some point of time in our lives, we have imagined ourselves sprawling in luxurious vast stretches of tropical, sandy, perfect Hawaiian-style beaches soaking in the ocean blue horizon. In addition, let one’s imagination run wild as awakening atop a mountain overlooking the gorgeous villa below with unspoilt curved beaches and the Pacific Ocean framing the background with rock palisades. Wow! Breathtaking indeed! The dream isn’t over yet.

As breakfast is served with fresh tropical fruits and the air is filled with coffee, freshly brewed and room delivered, a perfect day has begun. Monkeys are seen howling in the evergreen jungle and a gentle tropical warm wind wafts about. The day is spent swimming amid a vast crystal clear pool of water flowing leisurely into the ocean sphere. At day break, one is watching the spectacular sun set into the ocean. It’s only then that a realisation takes place that you are actually present there and it’s not a dream. Alas! Las Ventanas del Mar is a dream paradise in Costa Rica and a must for holiday seekers.

“Rich Coast” is what Costa Rica exactly translates to with about 800 miles of overwhelming beaches on the Pacific coasts and Caribbean Sea as well. The Costa Rican beaches have incredible activities, beauty and culture to offer.

What is Las Ventanas del Mar all about?

The luxurious resort of Las Ventanas del Mar is a rental vacation that offers a wide range of facilities and services in the Costa Rican tropical paradise of Playa Carrillo. There are 22 condos and luxury homes that feature breathe taking dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean coastline with first class accommodations and a full range of luxury facilities.

A stay at Las Ventanas del Mar offers more than just hotel room comfort. Just like home, the fully furnished luxurious condos and rental homes are privately owned comfortable accommodations. Large and spacious living areas are complete with kitchen equipments and private bathrooms at suites.

5 Star Amenities

  • Infinity Pool of 9,000 square Foot
  • Pool-side Lounge Ranchos and Community Gardens
  • Open-air Bocce and Activities Area
  • Open-air Barbecue & Entertainment Amenities
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Twin Illuminated Tennis Courts and Tennis Gear
  • Gated Round-the-clock Security



  • Food service available on site
  • Appointment for In-Room Massages
  • Round-the-clock Concierge and Guest Administration
  • Services for Cleaning and Maintenance
  • On request Grocery service
  • Some Activities include:
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Surfing
  • First Class Sport Fishing
  • Yoga
  • Kayak Tours
  • Diving
  • Nature Tours with Guides
  • Horseback Riding
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Right of entry to vegetable/fruit markets
  • Besides, all the rental properties are completely furnished with:
  • Wireless Internet and Satellite TV
  • Centrally air conditioned
  • Completely laid out Chef’s kitchen
  • Privately covered parking area
  • Beach, Pool and Tennis provisions
  • Admission to every Las Ventanas service and facility


Everyone enjoys adventure sports and nature tours. So, why not book your escapade at Las Ventanas del Mar.