Byron Bay: A Remote Seaside Town & Home to Celebrities

Seaside-real-estateNumerous celebrities of Hollywood own homes in Australia and often like to stay here when they are not busy shooting or promoting their movies. They do not choose homes in cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Penthouses and mansions in suburbs do not hold the same charm as the beach front homes they purchase. The coastal regions of Byron Bay are fairly popular as they have managed to capture the attention of several popular stars. This is affecting the rates of properties of this location. A real estate investor would prefer investing in this area since its popularity in increasing with each passing day.

Land of contrasts

Byron Bay is a place full of contrasts since this simple yet beautiful seaside town has many multibillion-dollar beachfront homes. This town is located south of Brisbane and the home owners here are mostly celebrities who share this town with backpackers and surfers. This seaside town is quiet small and the population of this town is a mere 9,400. A resident of this town and the owner of a million dollar home is Ron Wages, a retired entrepreneur. He now resides full time in Australia and his closest friends are a yoga teacher and a TV celebrity.

Home to celebrities

Byron Shire is the name given to all the locations surrounding Byron Bay and the population of this place is 20,000. Olivia Newton-John, a notable actress and singer is the owner of a farm and also runs a spa and retreat in this area. According to her descriptions this area has it all ranging from mountains to beaches and little villages that are attractive. Real estate agents claim that a property owned by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, cost him approximately $5.4 million. This actor is known for his acting skills and for playing Thor, in several superhero movies. His home on this property is said to have 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

Simplicity retained due to seclusion

Byron Bay does not attract flashy crowds since it is a combination of farmer markets and art fairs. This locale attracts the rich crowd who wish to have a simple lifestyle. A real estate agent Helen Collier Kogtevs who has been conducting his business in this area for the past 25 years believes that the residents of this town like to dress down rather than dress up.

This town is cut off from the rest of the world yet still remains connected as the Gold Coast Airport is located at a distance of 45 minutes. Previously most of the homes here were vacation homes and since interest rates are low a real estate investor might consider owning a property in this location. Now, many of the home owners are moving in full time due to the aesthetics of the location and its surroundings. The Northern and Southern sides of this town are surrounded by rivers cutting off this area from its surroundings. On the eastern side is the ocean and the west has hinterlands. The light house situated at the cape of Byron Bay is the eastern most point of Australia.