A one-stop solution to all your conveyancing related problems

Apartments for rent in BayonneBuying a property soon? Then you would surely require the help of a professional expert to guide you in the matter of conveyancing the property. This is where Signature Conveyancers come into play. Being in this business for years now, they know the business and the legal formalities related to it very well. They make the entire process of conveyancing the property very simple as they make their client understand the entire process in layman’s language.

Signature Conveyancers has both professional as well as personal clients in the entire city of Victoria. They have been praised for their dedication and commitment in providing the best deal to them when it comes to conveyancing along with unending support during the entire transaction.

How does it work?

All you need to do is submit a buying questionnaire filled completely mentioning all the details of the deal. You don’t need to worry if the answers to certain questions are not known to you. Just leave it blank and they would do the needful. Along with this you also need to send the contract papers, along with some legal documents like the section 32 vendors statement via mail or fax for them to have a look and provide you with the correct advice.


Upon receipt of your documents they would confirm you the amount in writing after going through the documents properly. Their charges are fixed which is $770 inclusive of all taxes. This charge is the summation of various charges like professional fees, disbursements which are nothing but the cost incurred to make phone calls related to property inquiry, photocopy and other minor charges like that for fax and government tax. In some of the cases, they might also charge an additional amount of $44 as settlement fees.

Services provided

You can be rest assured that you would never go wrong with your investment if you have chosen Signature Conveyancers as your legal advisor on conveyancing. They constantly strive towards getting the best deals for you at the best price. Some of the services offered by this legal firm are as follows.

  • First and foremost they take clear-cut instructions from the client to understand their requirement better.
  • They go through the legal documents like contract papers and the section 32 vendor’s statement very carefully before providing you with a solution.
  • All legal formalities like the paperwork required for transferring the land from one owner to the other and also the statement regarding the adjustments are prepared by them.
  • A background verification check is also conducted by them in order to get information about the property and its certificates and searches.
  • They are with you from the beginning when you hand over the legal documents to them till the time concerned authorities get to know that the land has been purchased. They provided you assistance in almost anything throughout the entire process.

Thus, one can never go wrong on his/her investment on a property if they decide to take the help of these conveyancers.